Code of Ethics Grupo Hoteles Plaza

Our hotel group is made up of three hotels in the Principality of Andorra, Hotel Plaza Andorra, Holiday Inn and Hotel Ski Plaza Canillo, and one in Spain, Talaia Plaza Ecoresort. As providers of hotel and catering services, we have two outstanding cornerstones, our CUSTOMERS and our STAFF, on which this Code of Ethics is focused

Our Group’s Code of Ethics aims to bring together the values, rules and principles that regulate the behaviour of our collaborators.

Thus, the scope of application of our Group’s Code of Ethics extends from the ownership to any employee of the company, including the general management and its executive committee. It also applies to external suppliers, employees, customers, trainees and other related persons

Our Code of Ethics is developed in parallel with other internal regulations of compulsory compliance with regard to the IT security policy, confidentiality policies, environmental regulations, among others, without forgetting compliance with current legislation.

This Code of Ethics is disseminated in an open and transparent manner through the company’s internal channels, as well as on the website for its transmission and knowledge among all those involved. And it is not a closed and definitive document; it admits new ideas and contributions that improve everyone’s life.


Our values as a Group are centred on PEOPLE, on the HUMAN TEAM that makes up the GROUP, through TRUST and CLOSE treatment.

We seek to promote work in a safe and stable environment, and harassment, discrimination and bullying of employees are strictly forbidden. The aim is to work in a pleasant environment in which mockery, contempt and humiliating treatment have no place.

The company believes in promoting respect for the dignity of people regardless of their ideology, religion, beliefs, gender, age, family situation, sexual orientation or identity, illness or disability

HR policies are oriented towards the recognition of the principle of equal treatment and opportunities both in the selection of personnel and in promotion, training and internal change.

The Group will ensure the implementation of an occupational risk prevention policy and provide employees with the means to carry out their work in safe conditions to protect their life, health and physical and emotional integrity.


The quality of our service is aimed at improving the CUSTOMER experience, who is the centre and driving force of our Group.

The client will be treated in a polite and respectful manner at all times.

They must live their stay with us as a unique experience that makes them want to come back.

How will we achieve this?

With the value of smiling and greeting our customers.

By offering our services and offers, providing clear and truthful information and resolving incidents in an agile and professional manner.

Through a proactive and resolute attitude, anticipating their needs and desires.

Avoiding unpleasant and conflictive situations with them.

Maintaining a calm attitude in complicated situations, guaranteeing impeccable service.

Exceeding their expectations through initiative and decision making, always respecting our values and quality standards.

Showing special sensitivity to customers who require special attention in case of disability, without giving the option of discrimination on grounds of race, religion, age, nationality or gender.


Hotels Plaza is committed to providing truthful, clear, useful and truthful information in the marketing of services and products.

It will ensure clear and truthful advertising by providing customers with the appropriate channels of communication to make appropriate complaints.


We are committed to protecting the confidentiality of our clients’ and collaborators’ data.

No gifts or presents will be accepted in any way due to the conflict of interest that this may generate within the company, except for the tips provided for certain groups.

Our staff undertakes not to copy, reproduce or counterfeit credit cards or travellers’ cheques to which they have access in the course of their work. In the event of detecting counterfeit currency, they must immediately report it to their superior and not allow it to circulate freely.

Plaza Hotels reserves the right to approve or cancel reservations if there is reasonable doubt, either due to the characteristics of the client or the purpose of the reservation, and if it conflicts with ethical and legal values.


Hotels Plaza is committed to the environment, ensuring its protection and seeking to minimise the impact of its professional activity on the natural environment. Therefore, it is committed to protecting the environment under the principle of sustainability by using energy efficient equipment (LED light bulbs, dual flush cisterns to reduce water consumption, reducing the use of detergents…) and efficiently managing the generation of waste.


Hotels Plaza maintains a commitment to Andorran society, developing its activity for the benefit of the country and prioritising the recruitment, professional development and promotion of Andorran personnel.

It maintains collaborative relations with Andorran entities for the benefit of our society, respecting and promoting the value of local traditions and culture.


Compliance with the code of ethics is mandatory and will be disseminated by the means deemed appropriate for the knowledge of all personnel.

It shall also be publicly disseminated for the knowledge of the clientele via the company’s website

In the event of suspicion of non-compliance with the basic principles, the Human Resources Department may be contacted and, together with the General Management, will analyse the circumstances and propose corrective measures.

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