Plaza Terra Viva Foundation

The Plaza Terra Viva Foundation is a foundation that aims to sustainably improve the social, cultural, economic and environmental conditions of Begur, a small town in Catalonia, Spain.
At Terra Viva, we believe in the power of collaboration and innovation to drive sustainable development and protect the natural resources that make our community unique.

Our goal is to create a lasting positive impact on the people, flora and fauna of this region.

Our essence

The Plaza Terra Viva Foundation believes that nature, culture and people are interconnected and interdependent.We strive for a sustainable future in which economic development is balanced with environmental protection, social justice and cultural diversity. The essence of our brand is reflected in our commitment to community engagement, education and collaboration with like-minded organisations.

Our promise

At Terra Viva, we are committed to working tirelessly to improve the social conditions, flora and fauna of Begur.Our foundation provides support to local communities, government agencies and environmental organisations to create a greener and fairer region.Our goal is to promote a sustainable culture of local cooperation and development using the latest technology, expertise and innovative approaches.

Our personality

The personality of the Foundation is optimistic, approachable, reliable and innovative.We believe in building trust and fostering strong relationships with our stakeholders, including local residents, tourism organisations, government agencies and sustainability organisations.We aim to encourage a sense of pride, cooperation and ownership in the conservation of Begur’s unique heritage, culture and biodiversity.

Our voice

Plaza Terra Viva is passionate, inspiring, educational and practical. We actively communicate our values to the community through various channels, such as social media, newsletters and public events.We focus on education, collaboration and community engagement by promoting sustainable practices, locally sourced products and the development of ecological resources.

Our message

Our message is underpinned by a set of core values, including:

Sustainability and environmental protection: We strive for a sustainable future by preserving the natural resources that make our region unique.

Fair distribution of resources and opportunities: Our focus is on creating access to resources and opportunities for all community members to ensure an equitable distribution of wealth, knowledge and benefits.

Commitment to community and social development: We believe that people are key to the success of sustainable development. This is why we encourage local cooperation and social development.

Conservation and cultural diversity: We aim to preserve Begur's diverse cultural heritage by promoting various cultural events.

Educational and innovative practices: We actively use innovative and educational practices to promote sustainable development and environmental protection.

The Plaza Terra Viva Foundation is based on the principles of sustainability, community participation and innovative practices. Our objective is to create a more sustainable and equitable future for Begur by inspiring, educating and engaging community stakeholders. The personality of our brand represents our values of collaboration, optimism, reliability and innovation. Ultimately, our goal is to create a more liveable and vibrant community that values environmental preservation and social development.

Our projects

Construction of an accessible electric boat

This project was developed by one of the resort’s staff and will allow people with functional diversity and/or physical disabilities to enjoy aquatic activities, marine therapies or to simply get out on the water and see the wonders of nature and the seabed in a fully sustainable boat. The goal is to make this leisure activity more environmentally friendly and to promote the values of sustainability and social inclusion.

Collaboration agreement between the Plaza Terra Viva Foundation and the Tramuntana Organisation for Social Inclusion

The Plaza Terra Viva Foundation and the Tramuntana Organisation have decided to join forces to promote social inclusion and the employability of people at risk of social exclusion in the Costa Brava area.
In this way, the Plaza Terra Viva Foundation will act as a link between the Talaia Plaza EcoResort and the Tramuntana Organisation for the recruitment of members of the aforementioned organisation in its various work integration programmes.Tramuntana, for its part, will facilitate the selection and contracting processes, as well as ensuring that the people hired by the EcoResort receive adequate prior training.
Tramuntana will also make its premises available to members of the Plaza Terra Viva Foundation to carry out their activities. This approach will promote the exchange of experiences and the coexistence and social integration of people from different backgrounds and environments.
The collaboration between the two organisations will also include the participation of guests of Talaia Plaza EcoResort in events organised by Tramuntana, such as cultural activities, workshops and training activities, which will allow EcoResort guests to experience other realities and environments, raising their awareness of diversity and social inclusion.
In short, both organisations have committed themselves to working together to promote the social inclusion and employability of people at risk of social exclusion, through a process of mutual collaboration aimed at improving the living conditions and well-being of the most vulnerable people on the Costa Brava.