Pet Policy

Dogs declared of dangerous breed or their crossebreeds are not admitted

Akita Inu, Tosa Inu, Japanese Tosa (mastiff), Bullmastiff, Doberman, Dogo Argentino, Dog de Bordeaux, Fila Brasileiro, Neapolitan Mastiff, Pit Bull (American Bull Terrier), Stafforshire Bull Terrier, Staffordshire American Terrier, Presa Canario, Rottweiler.

Law 10/1999, of July 30th, Royal Decree 287/2002, of March 22nd and Decree 170/2002, of June 11th

Dogs declared potentially dangerous belonging to one of the breeds mentioned above, as well as crossbreeds of these, are not admitted. In addition, the Resort adds the following breeds as a preventive measure: German Mastiff, Bull Terrier and others that due to their characteristics, variants, similarities or crosses belong to one of the above breeds or not. In case of doubt or different criteria between the owners of the dog and the Management, the latter may exercise the Right of non-admission of the animal within the Talaia Plaza Ecoresort enclosure.

Accommodation of pets is subject to an additional cost, the service must be selected in the extras section before finalising the booking.