Environmental commitment

Environmental Policy

Talaia Plaza EcoResort is strongly committed to the environment. Every day we strive to make our accommodation as sustainable as possible. We therefore provide you with our Environmental Policy, where we explain our principles and values.

The aims of our environmental action plan include establishing an Environmental Committee to monitor and analyse our consumption reports; setting sustainability and development targets; drafting an environmental action plan; following up on recommendations for energy efficiency; and promoting ecological campaigns and activities such as the TERRA VIVA Foundation and the Forest and Beach Protection Programme.

Our values

Our environmental values serve as a guideline for all our employees to follow in order to work sustainably and intelligently.

Shared responsibility: We’re aware of and take responsibility, both individually and collectively, for the destruction of nature.

Empathy: We identify with nature and understand that everything that affects it also affects us. In the end, saving the planet also means saving ourselves and future generations.

Coherence: We do what we say. If our aim is to preserve nature, we must act in ways that promote this idea.

Respect: Not only for each other, but for all forms of life and for our environment. Without nature and its resources, our lives would not be possible.

Solidarity: We protect natural resources regardless of their geographical location and without expecting anything in return.

Austerity: We are aware of everything we consume and the actual needs we have. This value is reflected in reduction and reuse.

To learn more about our goals and action plans, click aquí.

Social Responsibility and Local Commitment

We at Talaia Plaza EcoResort are aware of the consequences and impact that our tourist activity has on the destination. That’s why we strive on a daily basis for a business model committed to sustainability and social responsibility, in which we advocate for trust, respect and human rights in order to make Begur a clean, safe, prosperous and healthy destination to visit, live and work in

We at Talaia Plaza EcoResort work continuously in pursuit of collective welfare, rather than individual welfare, in order to increase efficiency and protect the natural and social environment.

We also actively nurture our relationships with our suppliers by sharing the aforementioned environmental commitments, ensuring health and safety at work, and moving towards the integration of sustainable products and services at our resort, thereby contributing to a business model that respects the environment around us